• Your Gut is Your Garden

    Your Gut is Your Garden

    Each spring the first shoots of green start to emerge, offering hope for a new season of growth and renewal.  This is the time we begin to think about planting a garden.  Well, your gut microbiome IS a garden, and you are the gardener! You must nourish your garden well to support your health.  I talk to so many people with gut issues these...
  • You Are What You Eat

    You Are What You Eat

    Paying close attention not only to what you eat, but how and where it is grown, may be one of the most important pieces of advice I can give you. You are what you eat! That old adage is true.  Many factors in our current food supply are impacting our health: antibiotics used in animal feed, manure with antibiotics used as fertilizers and glyphosate...
  • How Proper Hydration Can Improve Your Brain Health

    How Proper Hydration Can Improve Your Brain Health

    A remarkable finding in the lab by our parent company, The BioCollective, prompted our founder Martha to research the link between hydration and overall brain health. What she found reinforced the importance of drinking plenty of fluids everyday! In digging a little deeper, Martha learned about something called aquaporins. Aquaporins are water channels in the membranes of cells that conduct water molecules through the...
  • 10 Things You Can do to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

    10 Things You Can do to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

    The holiday season is nearly upon us, and while this year may look a little different than usual, there are some practical ways to support your health and feel your best! Keeping your immune system strong is more important now than ever, and in a season when sugar, alcohol and other stressors are abundant, there are some simple ways to nourish your gut without...
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