We’re on a quest to help you feel better.

We look at things differently. 

Martha Carlin, our founder, began her journey as a citizen scientist when her husband (John) was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. His diagnosis launched a transformative life-journey and Martha’s passion to find the answers traditional medicine either missed or overlooked

 Our approach is different because we apply Martha’s systems thinking with the microbial ecology expertise of Dr. Raul Cano. We surrounded ourselves with a team of scientists who believe gut metabolism is key to rebuilding health, allowing the body to make and uptake vital nutrients and detox toxins efficiently. 

 With this knowledge, we have created a line of premium probiotics focused on rebuilding a healthy metabolism.

From there our mission has only gotten bigger.

We offer hope to those with chronic or unsolvable health issues, 

by helping them rebuild their gut and their lives.

Why people love us.

We create probiotics that really work. Our formulas change lives.

Relentless pursuit

We won’t rest until we have an answer for everyone on their journey back to health. We are fueled by our research lab, The BioCollective, where we have collected and analyzed thousands of stool samples. Our dedication to research and innovation allows us to bring game-changing products to the world. 

Our business is knowing your ”business”.

We are expert in understanding restorative benefits of a balanced microbiome by becoming leaders in collecting and analyzing fecal samples. Studying poop reveals the history of your health and this provides insight into maintaining and improving bodily functions. It‘s like having a map of what’s going in gut and helps us identify new pathways to better health. 

“It‘s like having a map of what’s going in gut and helps us identify new pathways to better health.” 

– Martha Carlin

More than a probiotic company.


We believe everything
is connected: 
people, nature, respect, 
compassion, life,
caring and more.

We actually want to
heal the world.


We believe in people
and the body's ability 
to heal itself. 
The answers are inside us.

We are committed to give 

you the tools you need to live 

your best and healthiest life. 


This is more than a business to us.
It’s about supporting each other.
That's why we offer discounts to
 Parkinson’s patients and people
with other chronic conditions.

Contact us to learn about our discounts

The person behind the brand. Meet Martha Carlin. 

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Get to know Martha Carlin, our founder, and John

who’s living his best life with Parkinson’s.

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