Experience a shift in your sugar metabolism and see the results.

The Sugar Shift Challenge is a 6-month, self-discovery challenge designed to provide insight into your current state of health. You'll have the option to track your progress and chart your health story, monitor your blood glucose levels and/or use the standard Bristol Stool Scale, while taking Sugar Shift twice a day.

Here are some highlights participants experienced in a 3-month clinical trial of Sugar Shift:

Percentage of participants who experienced positive changes

  • 70%

  • 70%

  • 100%

* Results based on a 3-month double blind clinical trial of Sugar Shift *


Free to Join.

The option to track your own progress
Exclusive Sugar Shift discounts
Access to community calls with Coaches Martha and Jennifer and other special guests
Private online community

Join the Sugar Shift Challenge: By February 1, 2024

Order your Sugar Shift using your exclusive discount: ASAP

Kick off call with Martha and Jennifer: Tuesday January 16th at 6:30 pm EST

Biweekly on Tuesdays starting January 16th at 6:30 pm EST: community calls with Martha and Jennifer

Every week: track your data using our guided template, check in with our private Facebook group, and (for VIP levels) attend your personalized health coaching sessions and chat with Martha and Jennifer!

Meet Your Health Coaches

Martha Carlin

Martha Carlin is a Citizen Scientist, systems thinker, and founder of The BioCollective and BiotiQuest. She is a certified Root Cause Protocol Consultant, distinguished for her deep understanding of mineral balance and the microbiome's role in health. She delves into holistic wellness strategies, integrating her extensive knowledge of the gut with individualized assessments of dietary, lifestyle, and environmental factors.

Jennifer Baynes

Jennifer Baynes is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Infinite Health Program Coach in Dr. William Davis' Inner Circle, specializing in metabolism and nutrition. She also collaborates with the Primal Health Coach Institute and the Golden Rey Integrative Medical Center. She educates and guides clients with an inside-out, cutting edge approach to nutrition and wellness that connects the dots between managing metabolic syndrome and digestive health, focusing on the GI microbiome.

When it comes to your health, results matter.

During the Sugar Shift Challenge, you'll have the opportunity to measure your blood glucose levels, your Bristol Stool Scale chart, and any other health markers, while taking our Sugar Shift probiotic. You can track the data you choose with our downloadable template!

Here are some reasons to be part of The Sugar Shift Challenge:

  • Gain actionable insights about your current state of wellness and what to improve to feel your best

  • Share your thoughts, ask questions, and get support in our private, online community of fellow wellness warriors

  • Get exclusive discounts on Sugar Shift: you'll receive your codes after registering!

  • Learn from amazing guest speakers including Dr. William Davis, Ben Azadi, Dr. Raul Cano, Dr. Debbie Ozment, Morley Robbins, and Dr. Haroldo Magarinos.

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