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The Sugar Shift Challenge is a 6-month, self-discovery challenge designed to provide insight into your current state of health. You'll be asked to monitor your fasting blood glucose levels and/or use the standard Bristol Stool Scale rating to chart your health story while taking Sugar Shift twice a day. By recording your progress and sharing your experiences with other team members, we believe you'll begin to see benefits of incorporating Sugar Shift into your daily routine. Here are some highlights from our previous Sugar Shift Challenge.

  • 58%

  • 20%

  • 15%

* Measurable results began within 2-3 weeks of the 8-week challenge and continued to improve.
(those with fasting blood glucose of 100 mg/dL)*

When it comes to your health, results matter.

We’re looking for a group of participants to take Sugar Shift while measuring

fasting blood glucose levels in our upcoming Sugar Shift Challenge!

Here are some reasons to be part of the next Sugar Shift Challenge Team:

  • Gain insight about your current state of wellness

  • Influence our product development by contributing your results, thoughts and experiences while taking Sugar Shift

  • Receive a special discount code to save on Sugar Shift. Once you’ve registered the Challenge Team will get a special discount code to buy four bottles of Sugar Shift and get two free.