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Our patented probiotic products are a testament to our commitment to focus on healing solutions for everyday people to help them feel their best.
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Recommended by Dr. William Davis in his book 'Super Gut’

The best probiotic strains for gut health
naturally build the body’s performance.

Your body has an incredible microbiome that works to
absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins everyday. But
lifestyle and environmental factors can throw good gut
bacteria out of balance. Probiotics can help restore your
gut, so your body can work better, naturally. 

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“I’m finally feeling like myself again.”

We know it’s difficult to figure

out exactly why you’re not

feeling your best.

Designed for people like you, who want to
find their way back to optimal health. Take
Sugar Shift® 1-2 times a day and experience
the natural, metabolic shift that restores
balance to your GI tract and your body. You’ll
be glad you did!

We bring the power of systems thinking and science

together to develop revolutionary probiotics.

Our strains are unique to us.
They’re targeted, with health-
promoting behaviors, which means
they perform better.

Read our product labels and
you’ll see what sets us apart
from all the others.

We build teams that work
. Our probiotics are
developed with our BioFlux®
model, to ensure each formula will
deliver predictable interactions
between microbes.

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When it comes to your health, never settle.

Think about your health. Take a look at where you’ve been. Now think about

how much better you could feel in several weeks. Your body is capable of making

connections on a micro-level, and you can enable those connections.

It's up to you and we’re here to help on your journey.

There is HOPE!

See for yourself

Our strains are found in nature
and never engineered.

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