Targeted probiotics that shift
metabolism & transform your health.

Take it daily. Feel better in 2-4 weeks or it’s on us.*

Let us help you find your way to better health.

Disease begins in the gut…

and the road to better health does too.

Chronic health issues are fueled by a breakdown in metabolism, impacting your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins.

 Listen to Ken Kubota talk about his experience, with Sugar Shift.

“I’m finally feeling like myself again”.

Designed for people like you, who want 

to find their way back to optimal health.

Here’s how we do it! 



It’s good to be different: 

Strains clinically proven to target specific metabolic pathways

Here are a some of our unique bacterial strains we have isolated and use to make our products perform better.



Precision probiotic blends.



Made for those we love

Our founder, Martha, created 

our first formula to help her 

husband, John, 

with Parkinson’s.

But it does more than 

we ever imagined.

Sugar Shift balances the 

gut and helps heal you 

from the inside out.

We know it’s difficult to figure out 

exactly why you’re not feeling your best.

Take Sugar Shift 1-2 times a day and experience the natural, metabolic shift 
that restores balance to your gut and your body. You’ll be glad you did!

Listen to some self-recorded, success stories 
our happy customers want to share with you! 

When it comes 

to your health, 

never settle.

There is HOPE!

Think about your health. Take a look at where you’ve been.

Now think about how much better you could feel in several weeks. 

Your body is capable of making connections on a micro-level, and you can enable those connections

 It's up to you and we’re here to help on your journey.

See for yourself

It’s what’s on the 

inside that counts. 

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OUR Guarantee

We‘re so sure you’re going to be happy with the results you get from our products that we'll refund your money if you’re not satisfied in 30 days from the date of purchase. 


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