• Super Gut Book Review

    Super Gut Book Review

    I met Dr. Bill Davis last year and have since enjoyed many conversations with him about the microbiome, brain health, chronic disease, and more. I’ve also had the pleasure of speaking in his Undoctored community! I’ve learned a lot from him and his previous books, which is why I was excited to read his latest release, Super Gut, all about connecting the dots between...
  • 5 gut-friendly reset recipes

    5 gut-friendly reset recipes

    With the advent of a new year comes an onslaught of detoxes, cleanses and reset recipes intended to help your digestive system recover after the holidays and start January off on the right foot. And while a reset can certainly be helpful, unfortunately for those struggling with issues like Diabetes, Parkinson’s, IBS, or gut-related challenges, general dietary advice can be misguided. So many protocols...
  • 5 Gut-Friendly BBQ Recipes for Summer

    5 Gut-Friendly BBQ Recipes for Summer

    As we step into the full swing of summer, you may find yourself enjoying the sunshine with family and friends around the grill! De-stressing with loved ones, getting your vitamin D, time in nature ... all great things for your microbiome health. But one thing that’s not very gut-friendly? The typical American cookout menu. It’s usually packed with inflammatory foods like sugar and processed...
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