Our Founder's work on gut health and Parkinson's was featured in Science News!

Check out this article about key research on gut health, Parkinson's, and our Founder.

We caught the eye of Science News in late 2019.  
They shared some of Martha Carlin's journey. How and why our Founder connected the dots between Parkinson's disease and gut health.

It's personal. Finding real world solutions for those suffering from Parkinson's is the mission that drove her to create The Biocollective to do microbiome research and then launch BiotiQuest to sell Prebiotic + probiotic blends based upon The BioCollective's research.

More and more research is showing that our microbiome health is being connected to many conditions and aspects of our overall wellbeing. Here's the Science New's look at one breakthrough that people were talking about:


A gut-brain link for Parkinson’s gets a closer look

The misfolded proteins may start with microbes in the digestive system.

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