• 5 Things You Can do to Build a Healthy Immune System

    5 Things You Can do to Build a Healthy Immune System

    The majority of your immune system is in your gut, and it acts as the gatekeeper to kick out harmful organisms, before they harm your health. Supporting your gut health is an effective way to improve your immune system, in a time where building resilience is more important than ever!  Here are five great ways to keep your immune system strong and feel your...
  • Are You Listening?

    Are You Listening?

    Listening is a critical human skill. Historically, listening was important to survival in the wild as sounds indicated external threats. We still think of listening as something we do actively in response to outside stimuli. But there is also listening to ourselves. Many of us have lost this skill. We are bombarded by external stimuli in our busy, stressed, and cluttered world. The practice...
  • Made with Intention

    Made with Intention

    Intention: noun A thing intended, an aim or plan The healing process of a wound Intent: adjective Resolved or determined to do something Showing earnest and eager attention Attentively occupied with  In talking about our probiotic formulas, I often talk about the importance of intention. When we designed the first formula, Sugar Shift, to help my husband John, I was “showing earnest and eager...
  • How Proper Hydration Can Improve Your Brain Health

    How Proper Hydration Can Improve Your Brain Health

    A remarkable finding in the lab by our parent company, The BioCollective, prompted our founder Martha to research the link between hydration and overall brain health. What she found reinforced the importance of drinking plenty of fluids everyday! In digging a little deeper, Martha learned about something called aquaporins. Aquaporins are water channels in the membranes of cells that conduct water molecules through the...
  • Connecting Constipation and Parkinson's

    Connecting Constipation and Parkinson's

    Chronic constipation can precede a Parkinson's diagnosis by ten years or more.  How is constipation impacting your health?
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