Can Probiotics Help Support Parkinson's GI Symptoms? + BiotiQuest®

Can Probiotics Help Support Parkinson's GI Symptoms? It’s a question I explored in this interview with Robert Rodgers, PhD, on Blog Talk Radio. We also discuss the journey to find supportive therapies for my husband, John, an 18 year "veteran" of Parkinson's Disease, and the development of our probiotic, Sugar Shift

Robert’s show is all about Parkinson’s Recovery, so we naturally talk about our research in the Parkinson's Microbiome, emerging research in gut health and constipation as an early indicator of Parkinson's, and the foundational science behind the Sugar Shift formula, which was designed with eight strains of probiotic bacteria that work together to convert Glucose and Fructose in the body in to mannitol. 

Tune into the interview here, and I would love to hear your feedback! And you can learn more about Sugar Shift here.

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