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6 Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer

Martha Carlin | May 27, 2021 | 3 minutes read

As Memorial Day approaches here in the U.S., we’re getting ready to welcome the unofficial start of summer! And while the world is starting to re-open again and resemble some sense of “normal” depending on where you’re located, keeping your immune system strong continues to be important.

Summer also tends to be a season of parties and celebrations, where you may be eating and drinking more than usual, or spending lots of time in the sun. So today we’ll share some simple ways to nourish your gut without missing out on all the fun that summer brings.

Here are six things you can do to protect your immune system, support your microbiome, and keep inflammation at bay this summer, in order to feel your healthiest!

1. Stay hydrated: This is particularly important to ensure throughout the warmest months of the year, perhaps when you’re most active as well! Be careful about the source of your water: public tap water has a lot of chlorine that can affect your gut. Drinking enough spring water (which retains minerals, but chlorine is filtered out) helps your digestive tract do its job properly.

2. Limit alcohol: While enjoying a few drinks can be a fun part of summer, it comes along with inflammation, poor sleep, low energy, and hangovers! Drinking in the sun is also much more likely to lead to dehydration. If you overindulge, take your Sugar Shift, which can help mitigate the negative effects of sugar from alcohol. Try swapping kombucha or seltzer for your go-to cocktail or glass of wine and see how you feel!

3. Eat a healthy, varied diet: One of the best ways to support your gut health over the summer is to consider the food you eat. By adding in plenty of organic, anti-inflammatory foods, you can provide the bacteria in your large intestine dietary fiber, nourish your microbiome and feel your best. A few great options to keep in mind for example, would be yogurt, kefir, kimchi, kale, organic whole grains, and lots of colorful fruits and vegetables (perfect for summer!).

4. Get quality sleep: One of the most essential components of your health is getting enough quality sleep. It contributes to greater longevity, energy, and brain function, and reduces the risk for chronic disease and other health issues. Our gut bacteria have a circadian clock and they suffer when we don’t get enough sleep or we go to bed too late. With the potential for busy, plan-filled calendars this summer, be sure to prioritize shut-eye in order to feel your best!

5. Exercise regularly: Depending on your geographic location, hot temps may affect your workouts. If it feels too warm to exercise outside, think about what might feel better for your body: perhaps an indoor set up, or something less rigorous like swimming. From yoga, to walking, to stretching throughout the day, there is plenty you can do to work in daily movement, which not only aids digestion and mood levels, but can also reduce stress and increase energy.

6. Take a quality probiotic: We would be remiss to skip this step! One of the simplest ways you can support your gut health, and thus your overall health, is by taking a daily probiotic. A targeted formula like Ideal Immunity can help protect your gut lining and balance your gut pH to build resilience.

As we move into the full swing of summer, keep these tips handy and above all be sure to listen to your body. This is a great time to focus on feeling your best, and the microbiome is one of the simplest, most effective places to start. Click here to take ownership of your wellness and DIY your gut health! And check out all of our probiotics here.

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Martha Carlin, is a “Citizen Scientist”, systems thinker, wife of Parkinson’s warrior, John Carlin, and founder of The BioCollective , a microbiome company expanding the reach of science and BiotiQuest, the first of it’s kind probiotic line. Since John’s diagnosis in 2002, Martha began learning the science of agriculture, nutrition, environment, infectious disease, Parkinson’s pathology and much more. In 2014, when the first research was published showing a connection between the gut bacteria and the two phenotypes of Parkinson’s, Martha quit her former career as a business turnaround expert and founded The BioCollective to accelerate the discovery of the impact of gut health on all human disease. Martha was a speaker at the White House 2016 Microbiome Initiative launch, challenging the scientific community to “think in a broader context”. Her systems thinking background and experience has led to collaborations across the scientific spectrum from neuroscience to engineering to infectious disease. She is a respected out of the box problem solver in the microbiome field and brings a unique perspective to helping others understand the connections from the soil to the food to our guts and our brains.

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