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With the advent of a new year comes an onslaught of detoxes, cleanses and reset recipes intended to help your digestive system recover after the holidays and start January off on the right foot.

And while a reset can certainly be helpful, unfortunately for those struggling with issues like Diabetes, Parkinson’s, IBS, or gut-related challenges, general dietary advice can be misguided. So many protocols and recipes from large organizations and associations include things like refined sugar and flour, which can raise blood glucose, thus making symptoms worse and potentially contributing to poor health outcomes.

So if your intention for this year is to nourish your microbiome and feel your best, I’ve rounded up several gut-friendly recipes to use throughout the day that can support your gut and get your body back on track. 

For more gut-friendly recipes and food lists, Wheat BellyCookbook by Dr. Bill Davis (here’s a great list to start with from his website!), Cooking Whole30 by Melissa Urban, and Cooking for Life by Dr. Terry Wahls are all excellent resources. Generally speaking, you’ll want to aim for meals that are low in carbohydrates and sugar and high in fiber. 

5 gut-friendly reset recipes

For breakfast: Spicy Broccoli with Scrambled Eggs(via I’d Rather be a Chef)

This twist on classic scrambled eggs adds spicy broccoli made with organic, grass-fed butter and red pepper flakes. Eggs are a great option for a satiating, low-carb breakfast, and even better if you can source them locally so you know where they come from.

For lunch: Packable Lunches (via Whole30)

From simple salads to one-pot meals, there are plenty of options here as you get back to a busy schedule and perhaps need lunch to go! All of these recipes are Whole30-approved, meaning they’re made with real, whole foods, and include no added sugar, grains, dairy, soy, or sulfites. Having plenty of healthy options on hand is important for resetting your gut and feeling better.

To snack on: Prune Power Balls(via Kim’s Cravings)

With great fiber for your gut health and low glycemic index, prunes are the star in these quick and easy power balls. They’re also made with nuts, which can help balance your blood sugar - a much better alternative to baked goods or sugary cereal. Grab a few to snack on, or enjoy them for breakfast.

For dinner: Feta and Spinach Stuffed Chicken (via Eat Simple Food)

This flavorful chicken works as a weeknight meal, or a way to wow dinner guests! Keep it keto and paleo by pairing it with a low carb side dish, and vegan cheese would also work if you’re avoiding dairy. 

On the side: Ginger-Garlic Cauliflower Rice(via The Paleo Mom)

Liven up cauliflower (which works well as a substitute for rice but can sometimes be tasteless) by adding ginger and garlic! Bonus: ginger has wonderful detoxifying properties, and can support your immune health as well.

Eating gut-friendly foods and resetting your digestive system doesn’t have to mean bland or boring. By working new recipes into your regular rotation this year, you can support your microbiome and actually improve your health - which following many standard dietary guidelines for chronic health issues doesn’t actually do.

And finally, I would be remiss to leave out the power of probiotics for aiding your digestion. Sugar Shift in particular would be a great option to try if you’re hoping to improve your sugar metabolism, increase bowel regularity and boost your energy.

If you have any questions about gut health, cooking for chronic health concerns or how we might be able to support you in your quest to feel better this year, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at martha.carlin@biotiquest.com!

Martha Carlin

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