• Your Gut is Your Garden

    Your Gut is Your Garden

    Each spring the first shoots of green start to emerge, offering hope for a new season of growth and renewal.  This is the time we begin to think about planting a garden.  Well, your gut microbiome IS a garden, and you are the gardener! You must nourish your garden well to support your health.  I talk to so many people with gut issues these...
  • Probiotics and Prebiotics: The Dynamic Duo

    Probiotics and Prebiotics: The Dynamic Duo

    In the world of microbiome health the spotlight is often on probiotics, and for good reason! Probiotics are an important part of a healthy gut, and when they are missing your gut may suffer. So you found the perfect probiotic for you, and you are taking it diligently each day – you’re all set for a happy gut, right? It turns out that probiotics...
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