What sets BiotiQuest apart?

We love hearing from our customers about what they look for in a probiotic and why they're grateful that they came across ours! Merredith began taking Sugar Shift three years ago, after chemo and years of antibiotics.

Sugar Shift was created to target the way the body metabolizes sugars. We support our formulas with our teams deep knowledge of microbial genetics and our BioFlux computer model to make sure we have all the right players on the team to achieve our goal. The formula converts excess sugars (glucose and fructose) into mannitol, which the human body does not use. Converting these sugars helps reestablish harmony in the gut, thus improving overall health.

What sets BiotiQuest apart, according to Merredith? Unique strains, the genius scientists behind them, and most importantly: results! Watch below to hear more.

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