Start the New Year off Right and Join the Sugar Shift Challenge!

Ready to start January off on the right foot? One of the easiest ways you can support your gut health in the new year is by taking a daily probiotic. 

Sugar Shift is a targeted, one-of-a-kind probiotic, formulated to improve sugar metabolism and boost your overall energy. By shifting the way your body metabolizes sugar, you can avoid many negative effects while reducing your cravings, improving your digestive health, and restoring bowel regularity.

One Sugar Shift fan Ken Kubota recently shared his experience while measuring his glucose: you can watch his video here! He was able to lower his blood sugar within just eight days, in addition to some other positive changes in his overall health.


Ken's experience inspired us to create a Sugar Shift challenge over the summer (check out the results here!), and in just a few days we'll be launching another round.

The Sugar Shift Challenge is an 8-week, self-discovery challenge designed to provide insight into your current state of health. You'll be asked to monitor your fasting blood glucose levels and/or use the standard Bristol Stool Scale rating to chart your health story while taking Sugar Shift twice a day. By recording your progress and sharing your experiences with other team members, we believe you'll begin to see benefits of incorporating Sugar Shift into your daily routine.

When you join the Challenge, you’ll also be able to influence product development by contributing your results and insights. And, we’ll send you a special offer to get two bottles for the price of one.

Learn more and sign up here by January 1st!
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