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Critical Conversations about Women's Health & Wellness: #058: Gut Health and Your Brain Health: How Your Microbiome Effects Parkinson's and Neurological Disorders

Martha Carlin | Apr 15, 2024 | Podcast

Part 1 of a 2-Part Series

Don't miss this enlightening conversation, we're diving into the rapidly growing world of gut health and its profound implications for both health and disease, with a particular focus on Parkinson's disease and brain health. Martha Carlin leads the discussion as she shares her transformative journey from business turnaround expert to an absolute trailblazer in microbiome research - sparked by her athletic husband's shocking diagnosis with Parkinson's in his 40s. This episode serves as a story of true love, and is an eye-opener for us all - unveiling the critical and often overlooked link between our digestive tract and neurological disorders, and how the microbial inhabitants of our gut can play a pivotal role in both. It's critical information everyone should know.


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Martha Carlin photo Martha Carlin, is a “Citizen Scientist”, systems thinker, wife of Parkinson’s warrior, John Carlin, and founder of The BioCollective , a microbiome company expanding the reach of science and BiotiQuest, the first of it’s kind probiotic line. Since John’s diagnosis in 2002, Martha began learning the science of agriculture, nutrition, environment, infectious disease, Parkinson’s pathology and much more. In 2014, when the first research was published showing a connection between the gut bacteria and the two phenotypes of Parkinson’s, Martha quit her former career as a business turnaround expert and founded The BioCollective to accelerate the discovery of the impact of gut health on all human disease. Martha was a speaker at the White House 2016 Microbiome Initiative launch, challenging the scientific community to “think in a broader context”. Her systems thinking background and experience has led to collaborations across the scientific spectrum from neuroscience to engineering to infectious disease. She is a respected out of the box problem solver in the microbiome field and brings a unique perspective to helping others understand the connections from the soil to the food to our guts and our brains.

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