Ideal Immunity® upsell

Ideal Immunity® upsell

Shift your sugar metabolism and
start your journey to better health.
Experience the whole body
benefits of Sugar Shift®
  • Heads-off inflammation and other complications by
    altering sugar metabolism.
  • Improves bowel regularity. Provides relief of both
    diarrhea and constipation.
  • Decreases sugar and carb cravings often leading to
    weight loss.
  • Boosts energy and lessens fatigue
  • Restores overall digestive health
  • Improves glucose metabolism by reducing levels of
    blood glucose.
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Get more than you ever imagined.

Ideal Immunity® helps maintain a proper barrier
within the gut so you’ll just feel better.

Help prevent infection and speed up the healing
process by promoting the growth of beneficial
bacteria in the gut microbiome.

Defend your body against foodborne
pathogens and optimize nutrient
with Ideal Immunity®, also
known as our “protector probiotic”.
It’s beneficial team of bacteria helps
improve gut health and digestion.

Our probiotics are designed to provide the
targeted support your body needs to
thrive. Trust us to help you achieve
optimal health and wellness through
the power of probiotics.

Your body’s immune system tells you it needs some extra help when your bowels are irregular, you’re too tired to function or you just feel generally out of sorts.

The answer is Ideal Immunity®, our best immune system supplement. Just 2x per day and our customers report noticeable overall health and wellness improvements in about a month. See our guarantee.

Find more about the gut microbiome and the

immune system with Martha Carlin

Check out our full probiotic line.