BioFlux™ Model validation study (Sugar Shift)

We take the research side of product development very seriously. Using our proprietary BioFlux™ system to model interactions between microbes in a system, we are able to better predict the ideal microbe strains to combine in formulas for usefulness, impact, and overall viability.

Our in silico modeling produces actionable results allowing BiotiQuest to be more efficient, rapid prototype potential blends and optimize existing products.

The BioFlux™ probiotic modeling system is so powerful because:

  • It uses one of the world's largest whole stool microbiome sample banks. With applications in metabolomics, metagenomics, proteomics and strain isolation.

  • Our strain-bank of over 1,500 unique organisms. This allows us to maximize taxonomic and functional diversity for optimal capabilities in formula development and biotechnological applications.

  • Metagenomic database Our metagenomic data sets provide taxonomic and functional characteristics of multiple cohorts, as well as whole genomic information for individual strains including antibiotic resistance and virulence. 

We tested Sugar Shift to validate our assumptions

This document summarizes the results with the use of BiotiQuest™ Sugar Shift in an in vitro and in a human subjects’ study to validate the predictions of the BioFlux™ Model in terms of increased mannitol, butyrate, siderophore production and glycolytic activity.


Click HERE to view the case study in its entirety. 



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