Sugar Shift Challenge: the results are in!

Early this summer we launched a challenge to see how BiotiQuest’s Sugar Shift could impact fasting blood glucose (FBG) levels. We recruited 18 challenge participants who were already measuring their blood sugar daily. Challenge participants provided a week's worth of their data before starting the challenge. The majority of the participants in the challenge group came to us from Dr. William Davis’ Wheat Belly Blog, and were focused on healthy eating, limiting sugars, and low carb diets.  

Challenge participants initially provided one month of data for the challenge. After the initial period, 10 participants agreed to continue providing data for another month providing a total of 8 weeks of data. You can see the results from 8 weeks of completion below!

Feedback from the challenge participants included:

  • Taking Sugar Shift 15-30 minutes before meals provided the best results, in the morning and night
  • Participants that observed improved health/wellness did so within 2-3 weeks. Improvements included:
    • Improved bowel regularity 
    • Reduction of sugar and carb cravings
    • Overall digestion improvement
  • 2 participants reported losing weight without changing their diet or exercise routines
  • 2 participants reported a reduction in their A1C, as reviewed by their physician
  • Majority of participants had a reduction in fasting blood glucose levels
  • 85% of participants reported that they would continue to take Sugar Shift and  recommend it to others

Half of the participants in the challenge had FBG measurements that were in the normal range, and half were people who were above the 100 mg/dL.

Here’s what the data showed from the challenge:

10 participants with FBG >100mg/dL 

  • After 4 weeks showed average reduction of 4.6% in FBG
  • After 8 weeks showed average reduction of 14.7 in FBG

All participants together, including those with normal FBG, showed a reduction of 9.6% during the 8 weeks. 

The charts below are examples of the typical changes from two participants in the challenge group.


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