You’re here because your dentist cares
about your microbiome AND your teeth!

We’re here to help you restore the balance of
bacteria in your gut after taking antibiotics.

Be proactive and defend your body against the long-term damage caused by antibiotics with Antibiotic Antidote. Our targeted probiotic formulas create the right environment to enable friendly bacteria to flourish again as your body rebuilds its ecosystem. 

  • Start taking Antibiotic Antidote on the last day of your course of Antibiotics to help re-establish the “terrain” to enable a return to re-establishing gut flora.
  • After one month of Antibiotic Antidote, switch to Sugar Shift, twice a day, morning and evening before a meal (if not fasting).
Use Antibiotic Antidote
AFTER taking antibiotics
Antibiotic Antidote
Sugar Shift
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Your dentist is special and so are you!

We’ve set up this special offer for you because your dentist recognizes the importance of maintaining your dental health and rebuilding your microbiome after taking prophylactic antibiotics for your dental procedure/surgery.