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Designed as working systems, our probiotics need time in the gut to settle and begin their restorative process. Here are some tips to successfully include our products into your world and feel your best:

  • Take our product(s) at least 2 hours apart.

  • Focus on the way you feel and

    select product(s) that target your body’s needs.

  • Be patient. It can take months for restoration of your gut microbiome to take place. It will be worth it.


Always take Antibiotic Antidote on its own and AFTER taking antibiotics. To work properly it needs to target the upset caused by the antibiotic. Other probiotics will disrupt the balancing process and could add to the chaos already happening in the gut. Just be patient, let our signature blend of probiotic goodness help your body recover and find balance within. Give the good and bad bacteria a chance to calm down and in 4 - 6 weeks you will be feeling better. That’s when we recommend resuming your daily dose of Sugar Shift. (After you‘ve completed your course of antibiotics.)


Take Simple Slumberbefore bedtime and avoid taking any other probiotics 2 hours before your plan to go to sleep. This 2-hour window creates the optimum environment for the our signature sleep probiotic to get into the gut and start doing its job. Simple Slumber works by re-establishing the gut-brain connection and gently works as you trail off to sleep and continue all night long. When we sleep our body heals itself, so set yourself up for a good night’s rest and you’ll be ready to conquer another day when you wake up. Let us know how it worked for you!

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