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Let Yield&Shield™ rejuvenate your soil, increase yield and fortify your garden naturally. Apply when planting and again in about four weeks. It’s so easy and Mother Earth with thank you with a bountiful harvest.

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  • Key strains & BENEFITS of YIELD & SHIELD

Our formula benefits from the wealth of lost biodiversity of ancient and unique environments. Our strains hail from ancient amber resins and deep-sea cores to restore natures power to your plants. These rare strains are genetically unique reflecting both their antiquity and origin and are fully characterized.

Yield&Shield™ is a rationally designed guild comprised of 5 bacterial strains specifically selected based on their ability to be sustainable, promote plant growth and decontaminate soils from glyphosate and other harmful herbicides that might be present in the soil.

Here are some of the key strains and benefits that differentiate our formula:


is a growth-promoting bacterium which produces phytohormones, improves nitrogen uptake and participates in the breakdown of herbicides. Phytohormones are small molecules that play critical roles in regulating plant growth and development, stress tolerance and acclimatization to varying environments.

is a marine bacterium which actively degrades glyphosate and possesses all the enzymes necessary for its complete breakdown into phosphate, amino acids, carbon dioxide and water. The phosphate released becomes available for plant nutrition. It also serves as a biocontrol agent by producing metal-binding compounds and antimicrobial substances which are effect against plant pathogens. 

Lactobacillus plantarum (TBC-36™) 

promotes plant growth by enhancing phosphate availability from decompoed glyphosate. It produces bacteriocins to serve in pathogen control, thus helping plants grow better and healthier. The production of iron- and copper-biding compounds, known as siderophores, also assists plant growth by inhibiting some fungal and bacterial plant pathogens from thriving.


fosters plant growth under stressful conditions and low water availability. Plant growth boosted by enhancing phosphate and iron uptake. This produces auxins regulate growth and enhance cell division. Enzymes produced by this bacterium supports plant health by repaining DNA.


is a soil bacterium that converts nitrogen in the atmosphere into compounds available to plants for growth and development, therefore avoiding the need for chemical fertilizers. It helps plants grow by producing phytohormones and soil health by degrading certain pesticides.


is ubiquitous soil organism well adapted to the rhizosphere and shows enhanced activity in decomposing glyphosate and producing phosphate via the process of breaking down herbicide. It encourages plant growth by improving root development and nutrient assimilation. In the plant rhizosphere, it produces a wide spectrum of bioactive metabolites: antibiotics, siderophores and growth-promoting substances. It adapts well to environmental stress.

Pediococcus acidilactici (TBC0068™) primarily controls pathogens, by producing the bacteriocin pediocin A, known to have anti-viral and anti-listerial properties. It also prevents inflammation and supports a healthy gut lining.

Our formulas are balanced for sustained action, which means they work longer and are stronger. Restore the balance of bacteria in your gut and rediscover your best health. Order today!

Yield&Shield™ can be applied to soil any time during the growing cycle. We recommend you repeat the process in about 4 weeks with a second application.INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOME GARDENUSE PER GALLON  

(1 gallon of prepared Yield&Shield™ is sufficient for a garden plot measuring 4 by 8 feet (32 square feet). Dilute 2 tablespoons of Yield&Shield™ concentrate in 1 gallon of water. Mix well. Spray liquid onto the soil of 

your garden plot and work lightly into the soil. This ensures the soil is aerated and the solution is distrubted in your garden area. A second application can be applied as a side dress along the base of the plant about 4 weeks after the first application. Enjoy your healthy harvest!



Yield&Shield™ is a soil and plant probiotic with both plant growth promotion and soil restoration properties. It helps support the soil and improves nutritional uptake in plants to increase yield in a natural, organic way without the use of chemical fertilizers.

Each bottle contains 8 fl.oz. and approximately 4-8 applications. 

This product is available for a limited time only and will start shipping in May 2022.


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You’ll love our probiotics for your garden!

Did someone say Glyphosate?

If you're into gardening then you know that rich, healthy soil is the key to success. So, how do you reclaim soil that's been damaged by herbicides, pesticides, chemicals, etc? Let us help you rebuild your garden right from the start this year, so it revives and thrives !

Some of us may have used weed killers in the past, 
before we knew better and there is certainly an ample supply of chemical lawn-spraying trucks in all of our neighborhoods as the grass begins to green up. So we’ve decided to make Yield and Shield available on a limited basis this growing season 


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