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Meet Sugar Shift

Shift Your Sugar Metabolism, Shift Your Health

Sugar feeds inflammation- and triggers a chain reaction of complications and health conditions. Sugar Shift helps your microbiome transform glucose and fructose into mannitol, a sugar that your body naturally eliminates. 

Sugar Shift:

  • Increases butyrate, which protects your gut lining
  • Balances your gut pH, which creates a healthier bacterial population

  • Alters sugar metabolism to head off inflammation and other complications 

  • Reduces antibiotic resistance

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How It Works

Sugar Shift targets the way the gut microbiome metabolizes sugars. The Western diet is overloaded with carbohydrate and sugar consumption. This throws the ecosystem of the gut out of balance and burdens the body.

Sugar shift’s formula helps the gut microbiome convert excess sugars (glucose and fructose) into the prebiotic mannitol, which the human body does not use. Eliminating these extra sugars make it possible to establish gut balance again.

Restoring this mannitol function to your gut ecosystem cannot be achieved by simply consuming high mannitol foods like watermelon and sweet potato or using a mannitol sweetener. The mannitol-fructose metabolic pathway, like most other carbohydrate fermentation pathways, is self-balancing, meaning that if too much of one builds up it will reverse the biological pathway and start making the other. Mannitol also has diuretic properties and has been shown to pull fluid into the colon, which may help relieve constipation and make your bowel movements more regular.

Our eight-strain formula includes proprietary strains of bacteria that we isolated ourselves.  These isolated strains possess bacteriocins. These Bacteriocins target the elimination of other harmful bacteria.

Sugar Shift is also packed full of other beneficial bacteria, including Leuconostoc mesenteroides, Leuconostoc spp, Pediococcus and Lactobacillus. Leuconostoc spp are part of the symbiotic colonies of bacteria and yeast or SCOBY involved in the fermentation of kefir, a fermented milk beverage. You may recognize Pediococcus and Lactobacillus as active ingredients in the fermentation of cabbage, making it sauerkraut or kimchi. Next, we added a versatile bacteria that comes from the soil. Our ancestors used to come in contact with soil every day. Our modern lifestyles have taken us far away from the many beneficial microbes that are found in soil. We also use a strain called Bacillus subtilis. Bacillus subtilis has been shown to be effective and modulating the immune system.

Why Sugar Shift?

In 2016, founder Martha Carlin saw a pattern in the microbiome samples collected by her company, The BioCollective: sugar metabolism was broken across multiple conditions -- like diabetes, cancer, and complex systemic conditions like Parkinson’s, MS, and autoimmune disease. 

As Martha dug deeper into the data, she realized that sugar metabolism is important for everyone.

Sugar metabolism matters because sugar feeds inflammation, and chronic inflammation lays the groundwork for other health issues specific to your own body and genetics.

It turns out that sugar is everywhere in our modern diet. Alcohol is metabolized as sugar. Starches like bread and rice metabolize as sugar. And that’s not counting sugar added to processed foods.

After more research, Martha and her team came up with a formula that transforms sugar into mannitol so that the body eliminates it before it can wreak havoc, heading off inflammation, high blood sugar, and, well, hangovers. (Bonus!)

Thus, Sugar Shift was born (formerly SugarBusterBiotica). 

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Real feedback.
Real love for Sugar Shift. 

Monique | Denver

Gut reactions from our customers


Nothing but the best. We follow all health regulations and use world-class strains. 


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The Ingredients


Primarily found on the skins of fruits and vegetables. Is key in sauerkraut & produces Mannitol from glucose.


Produces many natural antibiotics. Is Key in sauerkraut. Produces a great number of enzymes. 


From Colorado. Key to many fermented foods. Fights off pollutants. Boosts iron absorption. Eases bloating and stomach pains.


Used in fermented dairy. Breaks down proteins and also amino acids. Immune boosting and anti-inflammatory. Fights off pathogens.


Produces B vitamins. It is immune modulating and Neuro-modulating. Produces antimicrobial that inhibits harmful bacteria, protozoa, fungi.


Known as Hay bacillus. Found in grass, soil and the human GI tract. Modulates pH. Reduces protein aggregation. It is musical (sound waves).


This is one of the most common of probiotics. Produces enzymes that repair oxidative damage.


A symbiotic gut flora.
It also aids in amino acid synthesis.

Other ingredients:  NutraFlora FOS, D-mannitol, Stearic Acid (vegetable source), Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC), HMPC Capsule Material.

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