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Meet Ideal Immunity

Balance your gut, build your resilience

The immune system is a complex network that works to defend against germs. Your immune system helps your body to recognize these "foreign" invaders. It acts as the gatekeeper to keep out harmful organisms and if it can’t keep them out, to seek out and destroy them. A healthy gut microbiome and healthy mucosal surfaces in the gut are a key part of this system.

Ideal Immunity: 

  • Increases butyrate, which protects your gut lining
  • Balances your gut pH, which creates a healthier bacterial population and reduces the probability of viral infection
  • Pediocin A production, which protect against germs and viruses
  • Enhanced systemic cellular immune response (L. rhamnosus)
  • Tryptophan production
  • Increases glutathione, which acts as a defense against infection


How It Works

Ideal Immunity targets the way the gut microbiome interacts with the immune system. The mucosal surfaces and the pH of the gut are critical factors in a strong immune barrier in the gut. Several key organisms that improve gut barrier from our Sugar Shift formula form part of the core team of Ideal immunity. Like its blockbuster sister formula, Ideal Immunity increases the production of butyrate which has been shown to protect the gut lining.  

Infection causes a stress response in the body producing hormones that work against the action of insulin, as a result the body’s production of glucose increases. Leuconostoc mesenteroides in this formula helps the gut microbiome convert excess sugars (glucose and fructose) into the prebiotic mannitol, is only partially absorbed by the human body. This formula transforms these sugars supporting the body’s immune system. 

Lactobacillus rhamnosus LB3 strain assists the restoration and balancing of intestinal microbiota. It exhibits strong inhibition of the growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi and the production of high levels of proteolytic enzymes for assistance with protein digestion and food allergies. The LB3 strain also demonstrates the induction of specific antibody production. This balances the immune system by stimulation or production of key cytokines such as IFNs, TNF, and NK cells for protection against viruses and cancer cells, the ability to decrease mutagenic impact, and an increase in level of mitochondria function.

Our proprietary Lactobacillus ruminis produces pediocin A an antimicrobial peptide that supports defense against pathogens, further supporting the immune system. 

Our formula works synergistically to reduce glutamate which has been shown to increase susceptibility to adverse neurological impacts from viral infections. And it also increases glutathione, which acts as an antioxidant, preventing against infection. 


Nothing but the best. We follow all health regulations and use world-class strains. 


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The Ingredients


Primarily found on the skins of fruits and vegetables. Is key in sauerkraut & produces Mannitol from glucose.

Lactobacillus ruminis

Immunomodulatory properties as well as a possible role in suppressing antibiotic-resistant pathogens.


From Colorado. Key to many fermented foods. Fights off pollutants. Boosts iron absorption. Eases bloating and stomach pains.


Produces B vitamins. Produces antimicrobial that inhibits harmful bacteria, protozoa, fungi.Immune modulating and Neuro-modulating. 


Known as Hay bacillus. Found in grass, soil and the human GI tract. Modulates pH. Reduces protein aggregation. It is musical (sound waves).


This is one of the most common of probiotics. Produces enzymes that repair oxidative damage.

Other ingredients:  NutraFlora FOS, D-mannitol, Stearic Acid (vegetable source), Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC), HMPC Capsule Material.

Our patented BioFlux™ system.  

BiotiQuest products are developed and validated using our proprietary

BioFlux™ system. BioFlux models and predicts microbial metabolic functions, allowing us to create targeted dietary supplements.

Better from the start with proprietary strains.

We have exclusive access to proprietary, pure strains of bacteria that make our probiotics perform better from the start. 

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