• Lose Weight for a Better Brain

    Lose Weight for a Better Brain

    This article was written by Ken Kubota and was originally posted on Medium. You’re trying to lose weight because you want to be slimmer, more attractive, active, and healthy. But there is one more powerful motivation when thinking about reducing your waistline….. a better brain! Research has revealed that significant brain atrophy and cognitive impairment is attributed to obesity and insulin resistance (source1, source...
  • BioFlux™ Model validation study (Sugar Shift)

    BioFlux™ Model validation study (Sugar Shift)

    We take the research side of product development very seriously. Using our proprietary BioFlux™ system to model interactions between microbes in a system, we are able to better predict the ideal microbe strains to combine in formulas for usefulness, impact, and overall viability. Our in silico modeling produces actionable results allowing BiotiQuest to be more efficient, rapid prototype potential blends and optimize existing products. The BioFlux™ probiotic modeling...
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