• Lavva Yogurt: Our Favorite Gut-Friendly Non-Dairy Brand

    Lavva Yogurt: Our Favorite Gut-Friendly Non-Dairy Brand

    I often get asked questions about diet. What foods can I eat? What foods should I eat? And one of the most common things I talk to people with Parkinson’s in particular, about is diet and food quality. When you already have a chronic disease like Parkinson’s or are at risk for something like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or diabetes based on your family history, then...
  • How Much Better Can You "B"?

    How Much Better Can You "B"?

      I have done a lot of reading and researching over the years on nutrition and supplements in my pursuit of helping my husband with his Parkinson’s. Nutrient deficiency can be an underlying causal factor in many chronic health issues. Most recently, I was contacted by several people with Parkinson’s regarding vitamin B-1, thiamine, deficiency. I started to do some research. Back in the...
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