The 2021 Kick Sugar Summit

I’m excited to share that I will be speaking at the upcoming 7th Annual Kick Sugar Summit. This virtual event brings together ​​experts all talking about the same things: sugar, and how it’s wreaking havoc in our bodies, brains, self-esteem, families, schools, healthcare systems, and the economy.

The summit is online and 100% free to attend, happening October 12th- October 19th, 2021. It’s hosted by Certified Health Coaches Florence Christopher and Aimee Anderson.

During the Summit, you’ll learn from scientists, doctors, authors and coaches about the impact of sugar on your health, plus strategies for breaking up with sugar to help prevent diet-related diseases. You’ll also get access to an amazing community of like-minded sugar-freedom seekers from around the world. 

I will be speaking on Sugar, the Microbiome, and Health, and hope you can join me for an interesting discussion. To view the list of all speakers and topics, click here.

And to save your seat for the Summit and hear my talk, click here.

Here’s to kicking sugar and improving your health!


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