• 5 Signs That Your Gut Might Be Unbalanced

    5 Signs That Your Gut Might Be Unbalanced

    From high stress to poor eating habits, there are many things that can negatively impact your gut health. This is important to pay attention to, because when your gut is out of balance, it can affect your overall well being and potentially lead to serious health issues. If you’re noticing any of the following symptoms, it could be a sign that your microbiome needs...
  • Your Gut is Your Garden

    Your Gut is Your Garden

    Each spring the first shoots of green start to emerge, offering hope for a new season of growth and renewal.  This is the time we begin to think about planting a garden.  Well, your gut microbiome IS a garden, and you are the gardener! You must nourish your garden well to support your health.  I talk to so many people with gut issues these...
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