• 6 Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer

    6 Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer

    As Memorial Day approaches here in the U.S., we’re getting ready to welcome the unofficial start of summer! And while the world is starting to re-open again and resemble some sense of “normal” depending on where you’re located, keeping your immune system strong continues to be important. Summer also tends to be a season of parties and celebrations, where you may be eating and...
  • Let There be Light!

    Let There be Light!

    Research suggests that healthy Vitamin D levels lead to increased longevity, and that more than 50% of the population suffers from low levels. Whether you’re living with a chronic condition or simply looking to improve your wellbeing, we could all benefit from getting a little more Vitamin D! Over the past year of the pandemic, the issue of low Vitamin D status seems to...
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