• 5 Signs That Your Gut Might Be Unbalanced

    5 Signs That Your Gut Might Be Unbalanced

    From high stress to poor eating habits, there are many things that can negatively impact your gut health. This is important to pay attention to, because when your gut is out of balance, it can affect your overall well being and potentially lead to serious health issues. If you’re noticing any of the following symptoms, it could be a sign that your microbiome needs...
  • Have a Nice Poop?

    Have a Nice Poop?

    What’s your poop telling you? Did you know that your bowel regularity and consistency is one of the key predictors of your health status? In a population-level analysis of microbiome variation, various factors were evaluated to assess predictors of overall health status. The data point with highest correlation to health was the Bristol Stool Score. The fourth highest predictive data point was “time since...
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