Made with Intention

Intention: noun

  1. A thing intended, an aim or plan
  2. The healing process of a wound

Intent: adjective

  1. Resolved or determined to do something
  2. Showing earnest and eager attention
  3. Attentively occupied with 

In talking about our probiotic formulas, I often talk about the importance of intention. When we designed the first formula, Sugar Shift, to help my husband John, I was “showing earnest and eager attention” to how I might help him through the science I had learned about mannitol. This morning, I checked the definition of of intention. Imagine my surprise to find the second definition: “the healing process of a wound.” 

I love these words and how they fit with my mission through our products to “heal the wounds’ that are contributing to many states of disease in the population.  Fueled by my love for my husband, John, I “resolved” to find a way to bring about healing.

We have done many things along the way to bring about significant improvements in his health, including an improvement in the UPDR (key Parkinson’s progression score) from 35 in early 2018 to a stable 20, from 2019 forward.  

Every product we make is made with deep intention for healing. Our product development process is informed by our team’s “resolve to do something.” And that something is “to help you heal yourself.” Our products are different: in the science, in the strains, and in the intention. We did not take this leap purely for commercial purposes.  

BiotiQuest is made with love for all our customers, just as the very first formula was made with love for John.  

It is with our deepest intent for your healing. 


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