Happy Gut, Happy Heart + BiotiQuest®

Research continues to grow connecting the gut bacteria of the microbiome and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Our gut bacteria and their combined genetic capabilities go far beyond the basic digestion of food, performing many essential functions that we cannot perform for ourselves. Gut bacteria, fungi and viruses generate biologically active metabolites with far reaching impact in our physiology. There is now an established field of microbial endocrinology focused on the microbiome as the body’s largest endocrine organ. A well-balanced gut facilitates many functions including the synthesis of vitamins, hormones and neurotransmitters. Recent evidence has shown that gut microbiota can play a primary role in the development of disease, including CVD. 

Gut dysbiosis results in chronic low grade inflammation. Sustained low levels of inflammation irritate the blood vessels, may promote plaques and eventually result in blood clots. Oxidative stress can be fueled by stress, poor diet, and chronic low grade infection.  

We often do not realize how the declining nutritional content of our food, from the widespread industrialization of our food supply is impacting our health until we have a crisis. 

So how do you support a happy gut in order to have a happy heart? Quality food and water are critical to our overall health. Our food and water over the past fifty years or so have changed dramatically. Pharmaceuticals are not removed from our water supply during the water treatment process. Nutritional content of our crops have declined with the increasing use of herbicides and pesticides that change the uptake of essential minerals from plants. Cardiologist and author of Wheat Belly, Dr. Bill Davis was an early crusader on the connection between food, inflammation and cardiovascular health. You can find many resources in his book or on his blog.  

Probiotics can be a way to support your cardiovascular health by supporting your gut. However, a general purpose one-size-fits-all formula isn’t likely to provide the support you need. Our Heart Centered formula was specifically designed using our BioFlux™ Model. Find out more about how it works here.  

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