Aiding Navajo Nation in the Fight Against COVID-19 with Probiotics

We believe in giving back here at BiotiQuest. And one way we are striving to lift up others during these uncertain times is by providing what we can. When we heard about the Navajo Nation health crisis as a result of COVID-19, with the highest infection rate per capita in the country, we began to look for ways to help their community, first responders and local healthcare workers get access to our product to support the immune system, restore gut balance, and defend infections rates as much as possible.

As our Founder Martha Carlin always says, each of our products is made with loving intent, and our intent for Navajo Nation is that our probiotics can support the fight against COVID.

The mission of Compassionate Colorado is to help local and neighboring communities wherever and whenever there is a need for food and water. Whether delivering food to a neighborhood elder or to help a community in another state, they deliver compassion with vision to create a global compassionate community. 

Since April 23, 2020, the organization has partnered with fellow non-profits, contract workers, for-profit companies, and community members in a collaborative effort to provide ongoing aid to the Navajo Nation and other native communities. Their hope is that through this united experience, Americans will cultivate a new bond with Native communities. Even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over, Compassionate Colorado plans to build long-term, collaborative partnerships with these communities to continue increasing the health and safety of Natives for the future. They hope to expand influence globally, to see that all individuals and communities foster a no judgment, no questions asked attitude towards helping those in need. As they say, let’s allow compassion to connect us all, as one country, where everyone can feel safe, pandemic, or not.

Navajo Nation has experienced the highest COVID rate per capita in the U.S. There are multiple factors that contribute to such a high rate as mentioned above: Navajo Nation is severely underdeveloped as up to 40% of residents do not have water, many households hold multiple generations of the family, and many residents live remote, rural areas making it difficult to get to the hospitals. 

Navajo Nation is severely underdeveloped, as up to 40% of residents do not have water, and many live in remote, rural areas, unable to easily get to hospitals. Compassionate Colorado has explored many creative ways to help the Navajo community to recover, and one of the things that they wanted to explore was something more holistic. (Enter: probiotics!)

When our Founder Martha Carlin heard about the plight of Navajo with COVID, we connected with Compassionate Colorado to see what we could make happen. As of now, 200 bottles of our probiotics valued at $8K have been donated to the Navajo community, which have been distributed to first responders, medical staff, and Navajo service providers. We’re grateful to partner with such an amazing organization doing important work to support the community!

Learn more about their work and how YOU can support the Navajo Nation here.

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